Batting Cages

Beach City Baseball Academy is home to Southern California’s premier batting cages. Our facility has seven indoor batting cages (two of which are softball cages with manual machines), all with state-of-the-art pitching machines that are programmable from 40MPH to 90MPH. The machines throw a variety of pitches, including curve balls, change-ups, and sliders, to accommodate the needs of the youngest players all the way up to the professional. The machines deliver Major League quality pitches thrown to multiple positions both within the inside, and outside corners of the strike zone. Our Home Plate machines throw a variety of pitches, including fastballs, changeups curves, and sliders. Both curves, and sliders can be adjusted to throw from a right, or left handed pitcher. The machines can be manually operated or programmed to deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches. Our baseball cages are automatic, and can be operated by a single individual.

One of our cages hosts HitTrax simulator. This is premier video pitching simulator for baseball; operated by a touch screen monitor, and displaying a virtual MLB field which permits a hitter to simulate game-like conditions in a batting cage. The “HitTrax” simulator is one of the best baseball training tools on the market. It provides clients with the greatest stimulus for improvement — the ability to have a full ball park projection of the batters’ hits, and details if the swing results in a hit, or an out.

We also have three outdoor pitching mounds. Our batting cages and pitching mounds are open to the public on a time basis and available free of charge to all members.

Private Baseball/Softball Lesson

( 30-Minute Session )
Single Session $50
4-Pack $180
10-Pack $400

Batting Cage Rental

15 minutes $20
30 minutes $30
60 minutes $50
Members hit for free

Team Rates Per Cage

(Maximum of 6 persons per cage)
1 hour $75

Private Group Lesson

(Maximum of 6 persons)
1 hour $125

Field Rental

1 hour $125
*Reservations taken by telephone.*
*Prices subject to change.*

Year-round, half-hour and full-hour batting lessons conducted by highly trained instructors are available for players of every skill level.

Fitness Room is available for use by patrons using our batting cages. It is not open or available to the general public.