why prospects?

Class of 2016

Beach City Baseball Academy is the home of our very own Lady Prospects. Our softball travel teams are for those dedicated to playing at the next level. With teams in the ages: 10U, 12U, 14U divisions, these teams our coached by our professional staff.

Lady Prospects

Travel Softball Teams

Prospects Club Team Class of 2010

Our Lady Prospects have made a strong impact at our facility. Softball is a great team organized sport, and many lifelong skills can be obtained by playing in it. During the years of 2010 – 2012 we had introduced our Lady Prospects to the world. After a short hiatus, in 2016 they were back, and better than ever. We look forward to our growing trend, and continuing to make our Lady Prospects a true competitor on the travel softball scene.

Prospects Information: ryan@beachcitybaseballacademy.com


During both the fall and spring seasons, Beach City Lady Prospects teams have a two-hour field practice, (with the exception of tournament weekends) along with a two-hour facility practice.

Each team will have a head coach and an assistant coach. All coaches have a minimum experience level of at least collegiate play. Head coaches will have responsibility for all communication with parents, including game times and other scheduling issues. Each head coach, using his best judgment, may limit game time opportunities and field positions for some players. This may even result in no time on the field through an entire game for some players during particularly challenging championship tournament play. Likewise, in games that are less challenging a coach may ask players who have demonstrated exceptional skills to sit out to allow other players to get more playtime.

We acknowledge that despite the system and values we have in place there is always a chance of potential conflict. We strongly urge our student athletes, no matter how young, to resolve the conflict themselves by asking their coach for time to speak and address their issue. If for some reason this process does not resolve the conflict we have manager who is well versed, trained, and empowered to deal with any player/parent issue and resolve it. Whatever the outcome, his resolution is binding and cannot be appealed to anyone else including Beach City’s general manager.

Any player who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct, or fails to develop and maintain skills may be removed by a head coach without any right of appeal. Parents who approach the coaches DURING THE GAME to complain about play time or positions, or who interfere in any other way with the coaches or play, may be asked to leave by any head coach, and their son or daughter will be immediately and permanently removed from the team without any right of appeal.

Our current softball coaches range from: Andy Diver, Raianna Dobbs, Jami Escalante, and Brandy Peacock.


The Lady Prospects play all year round and are composed of organized competitive teams with a full roster players per team. Our Lady Prospects have a 10U, 12U, and 14U division. We play throughout the year, and have tryouts for our Spring, and Fall rosters. All players that desire playing for the Prospects must tryout.

Prospects Club Theam Teams

Competitive teams will average one to two tournaments per month, playing in the USSSA, PGF, and other organizations. They will also participate in friendlies. Our 14U will attend showcases, along with playing in tournaments.

Our teams run throughout the year, and we have tryouts for our Spring, and Fall rosters.

The base cost for the program is $ per month. This monthly fee covers: tournaments, games, practices, and equipment. In addition, all active Prospects players may become members of Beach City Baseball Academy at a discounted rate of $75 per month, giving them full membership privileges with unlimited use of our facility, including the batting cages, at no extra charge.

Prospects Club Team PhilosophyAt Beach City Baseball Academy, we believe that players grow from the healthy competition that comes when everyone on the field is giving the game their all and playing to win.

That’s why we strive to help players develop not just a winning attitude–but the skills and confidence that will allow them to experience the ultimate satisfaction that comes with helping
their team to obtain victory–along with the satisfaction that comes from mastering the
game and doing their personal best.

Our coaches work hard to bring out the best in every player, by not only teaching them to always stay the course; additionally, teaching them try their hardest and remain focused, and prepared to respond to the action on the field. Real champions are not the products of chance or luck, but of dedication and hard work.

We believe that baseball can make an exceptionally positive contribution to each player’s personal development because it is a true team sport. That’s why we teach our players that winning teams embody the classic values of team play: cooperation, respect, loyalty, commitment, and both a shared and an individual sense of responsibility.

Our players learn that their team’s success is dependent on each player acknowledging that they are just one part of something that is bigger and more important than they are. Our goal is to instill in our players the kind of spirit that leads them to ask, “What have I done for my team today?” And the person who asks that question is a winner in sports and in life.

Another way we help our players win is by helping them to understand that, to a person of good character with a winning attitude, both victory and adversity are powerful learning experiences. Our coaches lead by example, teaching players that no matter how hard the loss, or how lopsided the final score, the only true loss to take to heart is the loss of an opportunity to give your all to your team and the game. We hope that Prospects players leave our program knowing that when we each do our best and give the game our full effort, it’s not the strikeouts that define us–it’s how we deal with them that determines if we are winners.