Private Lessons
Let the pros at Beach City get you ready for your best season ever! Book a series of private lessons with an experienced professional instructor certified by the Beach City Baseball Academy. Come experience the winning combination of state-of-the-art batting cages with personalized coaching based on an individual skills evaluation. A private skills-sharpening package is the fastest and most reliable path you can take to becoming a more valuable player in the coming season. One-on-one training gives the player the undivided attention of a professional coach that can provide specific guidance to resolve problems and help to shape developing athletes of every skill level. Choose from half-hour or hour sessions with professional instructors who have special skill sets, such as batting, fielding, and pitching for both Baseball and Softball.

For lesson inquiries, and general information please contact:
Alberto Concepcion Jr. alberto@beachcitybaseballacademy.com

Kenny Lofton Lessons
Beach City Baseball Academy is proud to introduce private batting lessons with one of the greatest players of modern time. Kenny Lofton is now available for private batting lessons at Beach City Baseball Academy. The fee for each 30-minute lesson is $100. To arrange a private lesson, please call our facility at 310.322.3955 or email us at info@beachcitybaseballacademy.com.Kenny Lofton is a former Major League Baseball player known for his great speed on the base paths as well as in the field, his award-winning defensive play (four Gold Glove Awards), his timely hitting and his playful spirit. He batted and threw left-handed. During his career he played for the Houston Astros, Cleveland Indians (10 seasons), Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers.

Kenny was his league’s Player of the Week three times (twice with Cleveland, once with Atlanta), and was named to six All-Star teams (five times with the Indians, once with the Braves). He proved to be one of the consistently excellent players, and perhaps the premier leadoff hitter of the 1990s. He appeared in six consecutive All-Star Games (1994–1999) and won four straight Gold Glove Awards (1993–1996) for the Indians. Through the 2006 season, Kenny had tallied a .299 career batting average with 123 home runs, 110 triples (second among active players), and 1,442 runs (sixth among active players) in 1,967 games. His 622 stolen bases rank him 15th all-time, and he holds the Cleveland Indians record for stolen bases with 450 steals.

Some career highlights include:

  • 6-time All-Star (1994–99)
  • 4-time Gold Glove Award winner (1993–96)
  • Top 5 MVP (fourth) in 1994
  • 5-time league leader in stolen bases (1992–96)
  • Led league in hits (1994)
  • Led league in triples (1995)
  • Led league in at-bats (1996)
  • Led league center fielders in assists (14) in 1992
  • Holds the MLB record (tie) for runs scored in the first inning of a season (18) in 2000
  • Holds the American League record for stolen bases by a rookie (66) in 1992
  • Holds the MLB record for post-season stolen bases (34)
  • Drove in the NLCS winning run in 2002
  • Baseball Weekly Top 10 Outfielders of the 90s
  • Cleveland Indians Hall of Fame (Heritage Park)

Beach City Baseball Academy is pleased to announce the beginning of its class of 2016 Baseball School Program. If your child is as serious about Baseball as we are, give your child the skills they need to get the extra edge and be their very best.

If it’s about making the high school baseball team or just being the best you can be, Beach City Baseball Academy has developed a special school program, staffed by experts who have key insights into what a student needs to make their high school team and become a valued player. The program is specifically designed to build solid baseball fundamentals while honing skills and providing the tools needed to succeed both on and off the field. Limited spots are still available.

The Beach City Baseball School Program begins February 1st and runs through July 2012. The Program includes:

  • Monday through Thursday afternoons from 5 to 6pm, and then from 6pm to 7pm, at the Beach City Facility; with dedicated coaches providing a structured program to help your athlete progress in the sport. Students may attend as many practices as they like during the week, giving them the flexibility to be a part of the Beach City Program and still attend Little League, or Pony Baseball practices, and other commitments. The personal attention of a trained coach together with customized drills and video analysis will tremendously improve posture and control designed to engineer an explosive swing.
  • Organized scrimmages and tournament play with local South Bay teams throughout the school year to keep the students “game ready” and train them during real time instructional play.
  • One-on-one sit down conferences with the student-athlete and parent to address areas in need of specific improvement and opportunities. Written progress reports and an individualized game plan for improvement can be provided monthly if requested.
  • Regularly scheduled classes from noted experts on topics relevant to successful play such as conditioning, mental training, injury prevention and what coaches want to see on and off the field when it comes time to making team selection, and field play decisions.

Mighty Mites

The Mighty Mites Program is for our young fans of the game. This program is for the age range of five to seven. During this instructional program the kids will learn the fundamentals of throwing, fielding, and hitting. This takes place twice a week, with an option of attending both days, or one day per week. This hour long program is a great way to introduce your player to the sport. This opportunity to learn, and practice with other players, and gaining new friends is makes for a great experience.


The Beach City Baseball School Program will dramatically enhance a student-athletes chance of making their high school baseball team. It is also a wonderful opportunity for any student age 8 years old and up who simply wants to have fun, play baseball and improve their skills.

Hit Trax
Beach City Academy is proud to offer HitTrax, the first and only baseball simulator that shows you where and how far you hit the ball. It’s a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities. Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field. Organize hitting leagues, tournaments & home run derby’s, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into our facility. Enhance your training with HitTrax real-time statistics, and key performance metrics such as: exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results.
Special Needs Coaching
Special Needs Coaching:A Free Service Offered for Children with Special Needs Children living with the challenges of autism and other special needs often have difficulties learning the basic skills needed to play baseball. The members of the Beach City Baseball Academy coaching staff have had great success with a special one-on-one approach they have developed to coach such children. As a community service, Beach City Baseball Academy provides unlimited free one-on-one 30-minute batting, and fitness sessions to any child in the community with special needs. The goal of these sessions is not only to build muscle tone; but also to teach the child how to hit a baseball, using focused repetition on the baseball Tee, along with coach pitch techniques, and playing catch, but largely to build their confidence, and have fun. We have found that the confidence gained from mastering this skill can unlock the entire world of sports for a child.

Please contact BCBA at href=”mailto:info@beachcitybaseballacademy.com”>info@beachcitybaseballacademy.com to learn more about this very special program.

See videos on special needs baseball clinic.

Our Philosophy
We believe that progress requires the right attitude and effort, and progress never occurs when you give up. Action requires a commitment to remain focused, stay the course and always try your hardest and be your best. With adversity comes the urge to give up and run away. We want to teach our student athletes to learn to hold their ground and stay in the game. Giving up almost always has worse consequences then what awaits you if you stay the course and face the issue. The below graph is a straight line up and it shows a constant improvement in skills and performance at each practice and game. The straight line up that you see is NOT reality or an accurate reflection of the nature of progress. Bad days always happen. No one hits in every single game and no pitcher strikes out every single player. We want our student athletes to learn not to be discouraged with setbacks along the way.Progress Does Not Look Like ThisProgress takes time and is a gradual process. You don’t really notice it until you look back and compare where you were. Even in the middle of really positive growth–for example, when most of the pitches you throw are all of a sudden within inches of the strike zone–the change is hard to see. We want our student athletes to learn not to lose confidence in themselves.

Progress Looks Like This

We see progress and growth every day with our student athletes. We know that if we can help them feel more confident, pay attention and really focus on getting better, they’ll look back and see the progress they have made. We want to teach them that getting mad for striking out is useless. It makes you look silly and it also makes your loss appear even greater. We want our student athletes to learn an important lesson that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. It’s not the strikeouts you make but how you deal with them that makes you a winner.