Beach City Baseball Academy located in El Segundo, California provides a safe, clean and secure environment with an authentic club atmosphere and spirit with a promise to dramatically improve the baseball skills of everyone that passes through its doors.

In addition to operating a well-organized baseball school, baseball camps and clinics, we coach travel club teams beginning at age 9 and continuing through age 18. Internationally, Beach City operates a noteworthy baseball tournament every spring with world class teams competing, including the German National Team and our sister team the Kitasuna Baseball Academy of Tokyo, a championship Little League Academy that has a long-standing tradition of victories including the 2015 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to the support of our members and patrons, our organization is able to fund a wide array of worthy community causes and make a meaningful and positive difference for so many through scholarships, sponsorships, donations, international exchange programs and our renowned special needs clinic. Beach City Baseball Academy has been recognized by many civic organizations for its service to the community and received the Small Business of the Year award by the State of California in 2015.


In that spirit, Beach City decided to expand its operations through a year-round baseball camp where kids could come and compete at the highest levels with other teams from around the world. After searching for the right space for several years, Beach City was fortunate to find Rancho Grande, a beautiful 200-acre property in Ojai, California. Nature is a great place for reflection, personal growth, and experimentation; the outdoors provides one of the best learning environments available, where lifelong friendships, unforgettable moments, and healthy lifestyles can be forged.


Nestled in a scenic valley surrounded by orange groves and natural beauty, the town of Ojai is easy to explore and an ideal destination for family vacations in California. Ojai offers boutique hotels, art galleries, and concerts in the park, summer festivals, and recreation opportunities, including hiking, wine tasting and spiritual retreats, as well as the farmers’ market on Sunday with local organic produce. Chain stores are prohibited to encourage local small business development and keep the town unique. Ojai is known as a destination for wellness and fitness, from luxurious spa resorts to more casual, all-inclusive health and fitness packages. While kids are playing baseball, parents can enjoy some time off, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s an ideal week (or weekend) vacation that the whole family can appreciate, while their son gets a wonderful experience playing baseball in an awe-inspiring outdoor environment. Ojai is close to many other destinations; it is less than a 2-hour drive north from Los Angeles and a 45-minute drive south from Santa Barbara.


In building its baseball camp at Rancho Grande in Ojai, we will take advantage of its unique “off the grid” location – a pristine “island” 3,500 feet above sea level surrounded on all four sides by the Los Padres National Forest.

To start, Beach City has retained the award winning firm of Shubin + Donaldson Architects, a design-based architectural practice which specializes in developing livable environments with a refined sensitivity toward the land, its users, and context. To spearhead all the grounds, we have retained the renowned landscaper specialists American Landscape. They were chosen as the landscape contractor for such notable jobs as: The Ronald Regan Presidential Library, the Disney Grand Californian Hotel, the Getty Center tramway & slopes, the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios, the Los Suenos golf course in Mexico, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the Skirball Center, to name a few. With the help of these professionals we will be building a modern, rustic, casual and friendly environment throughout the 200-acre complex. With four well-manicured and trim grass baseball fields, log cabins for our players, and many other defined areas and features, we will be designing the property to connect everyone with the outdoors in a natural and inviting way.


Our baseball fields will be among the very best in the country. Four fields will be Pony regulation “Bronco” fields for players 12 and under with a 220 foot center field (adjustable for younger kids); one field will be a Major League field for players 13 and over with a 400 foot center field. There will be an area to warm up for teams before tournament games, batting cages and a half field for infield work and instruction. Well-maintained clean restrooms and snack stands will be readily accessible from the fields. There will also be picnic grounds for parents to enjoy their own lunch or dinner while they watch the games.


Twenty select teams (open to any competitive team in the world) will be invited to compete with other teams on designated weekends during the school year and weeklong events in the summer. Winners from each weeklong tournament will be invited to play the Tournament of Champions the last week of the summer. During each weeklong tournament, kids will participate in the Trosky 5 tool Agility Challenge with prizes for winners. One player will be selected by the tournament administrator and awarded the 6th Tool Prize for Sportsmanship for demonstrating exceptional strength of character.

Check in will begin Sundays from 8am until noon. A brief orientation will begin in the afternoon followed by lunch. Starting Monday, pool play will commence with 4 Pools of 5 Teams each. The round robin will continue on Tuesdays. On Wednesdays the teams will be reseeded and play 2 games in the new pool and then re-seeded again into a 20 team bracket for the finals on Thursday.

The summer season will primarily be for 11 and 12 year olds. They will stay with their coaches and teammates (from 11 to 14 kids) in comfortable cabins with bunk beds, strategically placed so everyone can see the stars right outside their window. Separate private bath and shower facilities will be available nearby.

Parents are welcome to watch the games and can stay locally at any of the nearby hotels, motels, or state park campsites, or just drop-off and pick-up their kids at the end of the week.


Aside from playing baseball, there will be many areas for the kids to have fun as they relax and unwind after baseball. These include a natural freshwater spring-fed pond for swimming, basketball and volleyball courts, an archery range, ping-pong tables, an outdoor obstacle/fitness area made from locally-sourced logs, a putting green and a lawn for sunrise/sunset stretching and yoga. The complex will also have hiking trails to explore, bicycles and bike paths to get around and an amphitheater for group activities, guest speakers and movie nights with s’mores around the campfire. The kids will be encouraged to interact with nature as much as possible in a fun way. An area will be set aside with telescopes to view the incredible night sky so they can learn about astronomy and also how the native tribes used the stars to guide their daily lives. And the camp will be home to many animals too, including goats, chickens and renowned Paso Fino naturally gaited horses from the notorious Ochoa line. Pasos are prized for their smooth, natural, four-beat, gait; perfect for trail riding.


Nutritious and delicious food is crucial to a great camp. We will spend time planning all the menus, testing and selecting the best food choices, and making items available that promote healthy choices. We will emphasize locally grown, fresh organic fruits and vegetables at every meal. Meals will be served buffet style with players and coaches sitting together by cabin. Recognizing that growing athletic boys have voracious appetites, no one will ever leave the dining hall hungry! Players will also be treated to special outdoor dinner events, including a southwestern-style barbecue served by the lake.

In charge of all food services will be Marche Gourmet partners Patricia Cluche’ and Gay Martin. They have worked in a wide variety of culinary venues for over 30 years. partnering in The Garden Terrace Restaurant on Ojai’s East End for 19 years until they opened Marche Gourmet, a European-style bistro. The new venue provides the Ojai community with a source of fresh and delicious dietary options, quality nutrition and an array of flavors to delight any palate.


Ojai is a budget friendly option for families with hotels along the main road, all with easy access to Ojai’s best attractions. Ojai is known as an artists’ haven, and its inns, hotels and secluded retreat centers reflect a creative and tranquil ambiance. From a downtown bed & breakfast to eclectic inns and boutique hotels, discerning travelers will discover ideal lodging that fits their style and budget. For parents who would rather camp-out then stay at a hotel, the nearby Rose Valley Campground is surrounded by chaparral covered mountains with pockets of Douglas Fir. There are nine campsites in the Rose Valley Campground. A short walk away is the trail to the world-renowned Rose Valley Falls. There are also many other campgrounds in the forest that are a short distance from the Ranch.


As an added bonus, Rancho Grande will also inspire children, by its example, to develop an understanding of what they can do to protect the world in which they live. Rancho Grande will be a dedicated environmentally friendly destination that will not only promote fitness, excellence and sportsmanship through its baseball programs, but also support thoughtful interaction with the environment in a sustainable way. The camp will rely primarily on solar power with a back-up generator. We will conserve water which will only come from wells dug on the property, recycle and buy recycled products, eat locally grown vegetables including some from our own greenhouse, build green, create less waste and promote a healthy lifestyle for all. To that end we have retained True Nature Design to spearhead a permaculture design for the Ranch. We will focus on ecological restoration, and stewardship, sustainable energy, food system resiliency, animal and building integration and watershed restoration. The work will be led by Warren Brush, a certified Permaculture designer who has worked for over 25 years inspiring people of all ages to live in a sustainable manner. He is also co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture and Regenerative Earth Farms.


During the course of the year, Rancho Grande will also reserve time in its tournament calendar for our Special Needs Program. We will provide a safe and enriching atmosphere for children with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs creating opportunities for children and teens to engage, experience, and explore. Children and teens will participate in many daily “camp activities” such as exploring nature, art projects, sensory play, outdoor games, special events, animal assisted activities, and much more. Experienced counselors will be on hand and parents will be invited to participate and can elect to stay with their children in the cabins.


The Chumash Indians were Ojai Valley’s first residents. Because a respect for the earth, for natural resources and a stewardship mindset are central to Native American tradition, we want to make all of our campers aware of the rich history of Native Americans in relation to the environment and how they used natural resources to create and support the life that they lived. We will do this by working with local leaders in the Chumash tribe to provide our guests with interactive and fun games while they enjoy their visits with us.


All our guests will see the Code of the West prominently posted at Rancho Grande. We want these words to be remembered long after our guests return home.

  • Live each day with courage.
  • Take pride in your work.
  • Always finish what you start.
  • Do what has to be done.
  • Be tough but fair.
  • When you make a promise, keep it.
  • Ride for the brand.
  • Talk less and say more.
  • Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
  • Know where to draw the line.


It is our hope that by giving these young players a few days “off the grid,” away from cellphones, social media, and video games, immersed in the game that they love while in the great outdoors, we will be giving them an experience to remember the rest of their lives. The bonding that takes place when you’re sitting by a campfire – whether talking about the stars or the number of strikeouts – is a lifelong gift. We are excited to be able to share this and all the gifts of Rancho Grande Baseball Camp with you and your children!