Sixth Tool College Baseball Scholarship Fund

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must reside within California of Beach City Baseball A cademy’s facility in El Segundo, California and be a graduating 2018 high school senior.

Final award is contingent upon applicant’s acceptance and attendance at an accredited college in the United States (university, four-year or junior college) and receipt of an offer to participate in that institution’s baseball program.

Applicant must submit a letter explaining why they believe that they deserve the scholarship and how their grasp of the sixth tool is reflected in their conduct on and off the field.

Applicant must secure a letter of recommendation from their high school baseball coach.

Application Deadline

Application must be mailed to Beach City Baseball Academy postmarked on or before June 1, 2018.

Mail to:
Beach City Baseball Academy,
430 East Grand Avenue,
El Segundo, California 90266.

The Trosky name has been a mainstay in baseball for over 75 years, beginning with grandpa Hal Trosky, an 11 year MLB veteran. The first 6 years of his career, Hal Trosky is ranked in baseball history books in the top 20 of best all time players. The Trosky lineage has a total of 4 major leaguers and 4 minor leaguers. “When we started Trosky Baseball over 15 years ago, our goal was to not only develop the skills and talent of amateur players but more importantly to develop the 6th tool, a player’s character and mental makeup. The 5 physical tools can be measured by tape measures, stop-watches, statistics and by radar guns. The 6th tool is measured by how a player responds when things go wrong, what they do when no one is looking, what they do when they don’t feel like doing something, and how they compete regardless of how they feel, the situation, or circumstance. The 6th Tool is the great separator, ultimately determining the destiny and success of every player both on and off the field.” Coach Trosky’s unique approach to coaching focuses on the development of the 6th Tool. The good news is, is that players from all ages and skill levels can become 6th Tool players and coach Trosky is in the business of developing them.

The goal of the fund is to provide support for college-bound baseball players who demonstrate exceptional strength of character—a quality that Beach City Baseball Academy founder, Richard Murad, says is called the “sixth tool.” “Every player knows that they need to have key tools to get the attention of college coaches and recruiters. Hitting hard and strategically, fielding intuitively, throwing with strength and running faster than everyone else are the skills often referred to as the five tools of baseball. But


there is a sixth tool that is vastly more important. That tool is character—and it’s always a deciding factor when scouts are looking for serious players with the potential to grow. 

At Beach City Baseball Academy, the sixth tool has always been our number one educational priority and that is why we are proud to offer this scholarship to support players who embody their value.” Beach City Baseball Academy’s mission is to instill the sixth tool to all the student-athletes that pass through its doors. To promote its mission, it will provide a $5,000 supplemental financial assistance package to a deserving incoming college freshman who is part of his school’s baseball program. This community-based scholarship is available each calendar year to one student who lives within a California of the Academy’s campus.

Murad says, “Players with a firm grasp on the sixth tool are easy to spot because they are the kind of kids that do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. They’re working hard and treating teammates, coaches and parents with respect. The impact of character on a person’s ultimate success in life lasts forever, long after the contribution of speed; power and agility fade to nothing.”