About Us

General Info

Beach City Baseball means the world to us because it allows us to share our gift of Baseball with you.

Our coaches consider themselves fortunate to have found their gift in Baseball. They have chosen to give it away every day with purpose and passion to everyone that passes through our doors. For our General Manager, life became more meaningful as he began to create a unique place – a baseball academy second to none – where young athletes could come to learn how to excel at the world’s greatest game. Thanks to the support of our members and patrons, our organization is able to fund a wide array of worthy community causes and make a meaningful and positive difference for so many through scholarships, sponsorships, donations, international exchange programs and our renowned special needs clinic.

Beach City Baseball Academy provides a safe, clean and secure environment with an authentic club atmosphere and spirit and a promise to dramatically improve the baseball skills of all that pass through its doors. We provide targeted, well-maintained training equipment and a staff of skilled and passionate instructors who not only teach beyond the simple fundamentals of the game with individualized custom programs but also build confidence and inspire their students to strive for excellence. Our efforts will enhance the total baseball experience of every member and also assist the student-athlete with the opportunity to achieve at the scholastic, college and professional level. We even have an onsite pro shop that sells top-quality professional merchandise at very competitive prices.

In addition to managing and operating well-organized baseball camps that are open to everyone, the Academy sponsors The Beach City Prospects, a program of competitive and developmental traveling club teams with robust tournament schedules. This program is open for tryout by invitation to those members that show excellence in skills and sportsmanship; unwavering respect for themselves and for those around them; and a corresponding 100 percent commitment (from both the member and their parent or guardian) to adhere to the club’s culture and its schedule of games, practices and events.

Facility Info

Beach City Baseball Academy is the premier baseball training facility in Southern California. The 25,000-square-foot campus includes 7 state-of-the-art indoor batting cages offering custom pitch technology which are programmable from 40MPH to 100MPH. The machines throw a variety of pitches, including curveballs and sliders to help players from t-ballers up to the pros perfect their swings. The Academy also offers HitTrax, the first and only baseball simulator a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities. Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field. The campus features a well-stocked pro shop and fitness center, a 2,500-square-foot outdoor training area and a 12,000-square-foot outdoor regulation little league practice infield. Beach City’s renowned Baseball Academy also sponsors the award-winning Beach City Prospects to travel baseball club teams and operates a school program with open enrollment and an exceptional 6 to 1 student to coach ratio for truly focused training. The Academy also offers seasonal programs, camps, clinics and private baseball lessons year-round for players of every skill level.

Prospect Park

Just a few steps from the Academy’s campus, Beach City owns and operates a 12,000-square-foot baseball in-field. The new field called Prospect Park has been designed to meet all Little League infield regulations in order to provide a realistic training environment for students of the Academy and for players on the Beach City Prospect travel ball teams that call the Academy home. As a reflection of the Academy’s ongoing commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities for residents of the local community and to promoting awareness of the sport of baseball, Prospect Park’s field is available for use free of charge for not for profit community events.

Customer Reviews

“Amazing place, the care, and support they give the kids are top notch. Great coaches, great program.”

“This was an amazing place to take my family. It was clean and orderly and there were activities for all three of my kids. The staff was so accommodating and patient. This was the most fun I had with my kids in a long time.”

“Home away from home, they teach great baseball skills and life lessons. Super friendly and talented staff.”

“Have been coming here every year for the past 4 years. Everything about the facility, from the coaches to the owner, is an absolutely top-notch and nothing in the South Bay compares. We did our research, so trust me when I say NOTHING compares! Our kids love it and we look forward to our Travel/Pony seasons more than Little League season.”

“This place is as good as it gets…no, even better! If you’ve ever been to a batting cage before, you won’t believe your eyes when you see this one. It’s fantastic, clean and has lots of cages, including many indoors and even one outdoors. It also has basketball, ping-pong, and a fantastic gym. If you’re bringing the kids, there is plenty to keep moms and dads busy while they wait—like magazines, computers, and games. And the people who work there are super nice to top it off! Highly, highly recommend it.”

“I’m very impressed with this facility and their variety of batting cages. It has been completely renovated since I lived in El Segundo and visited the cages for the first time with my husband. Now I live in Redondo Beach and my slow-pitch softball team uses the batting cages on occasion for batting practice. My nephew recently attended the Beach City Baseball Academy summer camp and he claims these are the best batting cages in Los Angeles. His parents were also impressed by the skill, knowledge, and kindness of the camp staff.

And not only do they have multiple cages for all skill levels, but also a fitness center, basketball court, ping-pong table, seating area, pro shop, BBQ, TVs—they’ve thought of it all! Great place for kids—and adults! I’ve really enjoyed the batting cages and the youthful memories it brought back of softball—even though I was never all that great!”

“This baseball facility is by far the best I’ve ever seen. It’s much more than the seven batting and pitching cages that you see when you walk through the door. The staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. There’s a state-of-the-art workout room for conditioning and a comfortable lounge area to watch your kids practice. And most importantly, it’s a fun, relaxed atmosphere.”

“This baseball facility is the best I’ve ever visited. Everything is state-of-the-art and is set up to help every player realize their full potential. The manager of the place told me that they just finished a complete renovation in July 2010. The facility has seven cages, all with state-of-the-art pitching machines. Two of the machines are the new Home Plate programmable curve-ball pitching machines. They simulate both right-hand and left-hand pitchers and can throw curveballs, sliders, sinkers, and fastballs from 40 mph to 90 mph. The machines are controlled from a podium located outside of the cage, so you can change the pitches and programming without walking into the cage. Pretty cool. The facility also has the latest Japanese pitching machines. I believe the brand is Yoshida and they’re super accurate. In addition to the seven cages, Beach City also has a state-of-the-art fitness center and pro shop. They offer personal training tailored to each individual athlete. The facility also has an outdoor basketball court and a multipurpose 60’ x 20’ turfed outdoor deck that can be used for baseball, Frisbee, ping-pong, etc. They even have a BBQ.”

“I left this place feeling that I was in more of a club then anything else. There are really cool couches and chairs situated throughout the place, which made it comfortable for everyone. They also had several plasmas showing every MLB or college baseball game and computers for parents and players to do homework or just surf the Net. I saw about ten chairs that were blue and white with “Dodgers” printed on the seat backs. The manager told me that they were the actual chairs used in the Dodgers clubhouse during the 2009 season. I can’t say enough good things about this place. I signed up for a family membership, which entitles my family to unlimited use of the facility, including the fitness center. For me it was a no-brainer.”

“If you like baseball or want your kids to learn from the best, then visit Beach City Baseball—you won’t be disappointed.”