Special Needs Coaching

Special Needs Coaching:A Free Service Offered for Children with Special Needs Children living with the challenges of autism and other special needs often have difficulties learning the basic skills needed to play baseball. The members of the Beach City Baseball Academy coaching staff have had great success with a special one-on-one approach they have developed to coach such children. As a community service, Beach City Baseball Academy provides unlimited free one-on-one 30-minute batting, and fitness sessions to any child in the community with special needs. The goal of these sessions is not only to build muscle tone; but also to teach the child how to hit a baseball, using focused repetition on the baseball Tee, along with coach pitch techniques, and playing catch, but largely to build their confidence, and have fun. We have found that the confidence gained from mastering this skill can unlock the entire world of sports for a child.

Please contact BCBA at [email protected] to learn more about this very special program.

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