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Whether your family’s student athlete is ready to start training for championship-level baseball, or simply wants to become a better baseball player. Have some fun playing for the Prospects, and let us help your athlete experience the satisfaction, and joy that comes from taking to the field with the skills that will enable them to play at the top of their game.

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Prospects Club Team Class of 2010

We know that there are many travel club programs available for you to choose from, and each is guided by a different approach and philosophy. We tried to design the program around our own vision which isn’t necessarily about winning at any cost, but rather playing to win by running an organization that would allow every Prospect the opportunity to get measurably better at the game while stay fit, and healthy. Our Prospects learn team work, and other essential life skills, along with making friends, having fun, and creating life long memories. Key questions to ask include:

Are the teams parent-coached?
How many coaches are in the program?
How many tournament opportunities are there?
How many teams are in the program?
Are there robust practices with fitness training?
Is there a dedicated facility with resources available for training?

The answers to these questions should be guiding your decision about whether a program can deliver the experience your child wants and needs.

To provide the best possible coaching and team management, our teams are professionally coached with a
player-to-coach ratio of 6:1. While we encourage parents to support their athletes at home and on the field, we don’t believe in parent coaching because of the conflicts inherent in that type of management. Experience has also shown us that the game is much more enjoyable for the athletes and their families when parents stay away from the dugout, refrain from informal coaching, and simply relax and enjoy. Our players are given weekly:

Expert fitness and agility training by experienced fitness trainers
Batting practice in our state-of-the-art facility
Field practice with scrimmages

Our pride and joy, and one of our largest assets, are our highly competitive travel teams named the Prospects. We support our teams with all of our resources to ensure that they have whatever they need to become better, more experienced, and strong well-rounded players. We want every player to have a wonderful, memorable experience and to proudly and confidently represent our organization to the world. We try to have just one team in each age group (9U-14U). This lets us focus on each age level in developing the tools needed for the next level. We once had over 25 teams; this lead us to find out the hard way that managing too many teams is not beneficial for our players, and their progression. Our vision with the all of our teams is simple; we want every kid to advance in their skills, become more proficient in their abilities, and to work hard no matter the outcome. After the completion of our 14U Prospects division, Beach City Baseball Academy has partnered with Trosky Baseball. (Exclusive to Beach City Baseball in Southern California.) Trosky Baseball is a highly competitive program, focused on getting players seen, and into to the best colleges. Trosky Baseball is rated in the top of all such programs in the United States. Ultimately the Trosky Baseball program is highly competitive and not for everyone that plays for the Prospects, but we see it as the top of the pyramid and is a great opportunity for us to provide the environment early on and groom the boys who are serious so they are ready to participate at this level of play.

Prospects Information: [email protected]