Beach City Baseball Academy, California’s premier baseball training facility, announced today the 2015 winner of its $5,000 Sixth Tool College Baseball Scholarship. The goal of the scholarship is to provide support for college-bound baseball players who demonstrate exceptional strength of character, a quality that Beach City Baseball Academy Founder Richard Murad notes is called the “sixth tool” of championship play.

“Our Sixth Tool Scholarship rewards deserving young baseball players who display more than just exceptional skills on the field. These players conduct themselves, on and off the field, with a winning attitude that inspires others. While it is no small matter to become a five-tool player who possesses speed, fielding prowess, a powerful throwing arm and the ability to hit for both average and power—those who also have real character are truly exceptional, and those are the players scouts seek out when they are looking for candidates to groom into champions. At Beach City Baseball Academy, the sixth tool has always been our number one educational priority and that is why we are proud to offer this scholarship to support players who embody this value.”

Murad describes this year’s winner, Hunter Lewis, as the perfect example of someone who goes above and beyond in everything that he does. “In addition to his athletic accomplishments and his service to the local baseball community including jobs as a coach and an umpire, Hunter has maintained a 3.5 GPA. This exceptional combination drew the attention of the coaches and recruiters for Lindenwood University, where he will be playing and studying next year.” The University says that “they are thrilled to have Hunter as part of their Lynx Baseball program.

Lewis’ always works hard at everything he does and he also try’s daily to encourage his friends to do the same. Lewis lost his mom to cancer when he was only 11 years old but still found a way to maintain a good perspective on life. Even after receiving a partial scholarship and taking out a student loan funds are tight and he would very much like to help his dad (who is an El Segundo Police officer) pay the cost of his education.

Steven Eno, the Manager of the El Segundo High School’s Baseball Program said of Lewis, “Hunter always has a team first attitude, he shows up early and is the first to volunteer to help out in any way he can. He is respected by his peers and coaches, works harder then anyone and has a positive attitude day in and day out. Hunter embodies the sixth tool of character that will allow him to be successful in anything that he does.”

Because cultivating the sixth tool in all the student athletes served by Beach City Baseball Academy is essential to its mission, the Academy developed the Sixth Tool Scholarship program to provide supplemental financial assistance to deserving college freshman who are part of their school’s baseball program. This community-based scholarship is awarded once each year to a student who lives within a California of the Academy’s campus.

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